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The Immunity Boosting Paradox

Why health experts and researchers no longer recommend “boosting” your immune system…

And now advocate for “immunity balance”.

History proves that health recommendations tend to change with time.

Take a look at this old ad from 1901.

Back in the 1900s, heroin wasn’t considered the extremely addictive, life-ruining narcotic we know today…

It was an over-the-counter cough medicine.

Something you can easily pick up at your local pharmacy without a prescription…like a bottle of Robitussin!

And even today…in the technology and medically advanced world we live in…

Health recommendations from experts and researchers still change over time.

And in this report I’m going to reveal contradicting evidence regarding the immune system…

And why health experts DO NOT recommend “boosting” the immune system anymore.

So if you’ve been following popular advice and recommendations from health experts…

But you still get sick from random “bugs” that come around…

But you still feel like your immune system isn’t at its full strength…

And you feel like popular recommendations aren’t working…

…because you simply don’t feel anything in your body.

This report will reveal exactly why.

Because in a few moments you’ll discover:

Why boosting the immune system can be potentially dangerous…

…especially if you’re already infected with an illness-causing germ.

And most importantly…

Why experts now say “balance” is the key to having a healthy, strong immunity.


Not only that…

I’ll also tell you about my firsthand experience with the one and only virus itself…

And how I managed to survive…

Without spending any time in a hospital…

Without making any trips to the doctor’s office…

And without needing these:

Vitamin C




Or any of the popular “immunity boosting” solutions.

But I do have to give credit where credit is due.

There’s one solution that continues to keep my immunity in tip-top shape…

And it’s been my go-to antioxidant for the past 3 years.

Researchers “accidentally” discovered this antioxidant through Nobel Prize winning chemistry.

And unlike popular antioxidants like Vitamin C…

This antioxidant doesn’t “boost” your immune system…

It balances your immune system.

So you can experience the benefits of a strong immunity…without the repercussions.

Conventional Advice Will Tell You This Is Outrageous…

But if you stick with me for the next few minutes and read every word of this report…

You’ll see how:
This new antioxidant supports your immunity in the fight against illness-causing germs…

…while preventing any “storm-causing” cells from forming and damaging your body.

You’ll see how thousands of people are staying healthy using this new antioxidant…

Like Angelina from Florida says – “I’m full of ideas and sleep like a baby” after 30 days

Like Jolene Goring from San Diego – “I’ve noticed increased energy, better mood, and tons more motivation! To sum it up…I feel like I’m in my 20’s again”

Like Marie Carija from Mystic Connecticut – My skin looks better, and I dance more!

Happy Dancing

These are only a handful of benefits people are experiencing with this “immunity balancing” antioxidant.

After today, you’ll know how to keep your immune system at maximum germ fighting strength…

…by keeping a perfect balance.

In fact, if you’re taking any immunity “boosters” right now…

You need to pay attention to the overwhelming evidence inside this report…

Because it might be the WRONG decision for your immunity.

Hi, my name is Chris Burres.

When it comes to my health, I’ve always considered myself an unlucky guy.


Has Anyone Ever Called You A “Sickly” Person?

I remember a distinct moment back in college, when I was sitting in Spanish class…

Every muscle in my body still ached…

Bolts of sharp pain stung my throat when I tried swallowing solid foods…

I sniffled with a pocket full of tissues…

But I was recovering.

It just happened to be that “time of year” when I expected to get sick.

As I swung my head down to my left elbow to let out a cough…

I noticed the girl next to me, staring at me with cold eyes.

“You’re kind of a sickly person, aren’t you?” she said.


I was offended.

I’ve been an athlete my entire life and played competitive soccer for over 10 years.

I ate a clean diet and lived a healthy lifestyle…

So I would NEVER in my life consider myself a “sickly” person.

But this girl talked to me like I belonged to a leper colony.


Deep down…

She was right.

I was just afraid to admit it to myself.

Because this wasn’t the first time I missed class and had to play catch-up…

This was the third time I’ve gotten sick that semester alone.

But I thought I was just unlucky.

And as my sickness streaks continued year after year…

I became afraid.

If my immune system was this bad as a young college guy…

I’m going to be in a world of trouble when I’m older.

And after college, it did get worse. ON TOP of getting sick multiple times a year…

I also started experiencing multiple migraines.

They came conveniently when I started my new job as a carbon nanomaterial scientist.

The good news is my luck was about to change…

8 years ago, leading cell biology researchers from the University of Paris called me while I was at work.

They were interested in testing the Nobel Prize winning nanomolecule my company manufactured.

And this phone call sparked a chain of events that led to:

1. A clinical mammal study that shocked the scientific community

Still to this day, there’s been no other study that comes close to achieving the same results.

2. An “accidental discovery” of a powerful immunity balancing antioxidant

One minor change to this Nobel Prize winning nanomolecule…

…transformed it into a powerful antioxidant.

And this same immunity balancing antioxidant is why…

I get less sick today as a less active 51 year old with a wife and kids…

…than my old collegiate athlete self in my 20’s.

In a few moments…

You’ll see why it took multiple pandemics for leading researchers to finally realize their mistakes.

So before I tell you about this new immunity balancing antioxidant…

Let’s go on a “viral tour” through history.

At the same time, I’m going to pay homage to one of my favorite trilogies of all time…

So let’s power up our favorite time machine…and work our way back to the future.

Enter 1918.

The world is in the middle of a World War.

But underneath all the wartime tension…

Something more sinister is spreading underneath the public’s eye.

This new “enemy” had no allies. It affected everyone and anyone.

Warring countries started getting word of this new “enemy”.

But their respective governments censored it. Kept it under the radar.


It was war.

Each country needed their soldiers to worry about the enemy in the trench across from them…

Not some “invisible” enemy that traveled through the air and lived on hard surfaces.

But the country of Spain began reporting on this new enemy in May of 1918.

And now in the history books, this enemy is known as the Spanish Flu.

And that’s how the Spanish Flu got its name…even though it didn’t originate in Spain.

But health experts and researchers know the Spanish Flu by another name…

The “Greatest Medical Holocaust in history”.

It was responsible for over 50 million deaths worldwide.

But let’s look at this event in history from another perspective…

During the Spanish Flu pandemic, the average lifespan of US citizens dropped by a whopping 12 years.

The world simply wasn’t ready to deal with such a medical emergency.

But here’s the most revealing part of the Spanish Flu’s story…

Young, healthy adults with strong immune systems…

Individuals who could fight off today’s flu without any issues…

They were in the most danger. The average age of adults who died of the Spanish Flu is 28.

And as we continue to travel back to the future, to more modern times…

You’ll notice a recurring theme with other pandemics.


It’s because of how our immune system works.

Our Immune System Is Like A Scale

Our immune system can exist in 3 states:

  • Underactive
  • Balanced
  • Overactive

When our immunity is in perfect balance, it’s functioning at its best. Let me explain…

Imagine if the scales are tipped to the left and your immune system is “underactive”.


You have a higher risk of getting infected.


Because you have lower levels of germ-fighting cells circulating in your blood.

So a virus or bacteria is able to enter your body…

And hijack your cells without much resistance.

Imagine if there’s a fire in your kitchen.

Having a balanced immune system is like using a fire extinguisher to put out the fire safely without much damage.

Having an underactive immune system is like trying to put out the fire with a toy water gun.

So here’s what happens…

A new foreign germ enters our body and starts infecting us…

Then a whole mess of “first-responder” cells flood to the scene to control the infection.

Some of these cells like macrophages and natural killer cells destroy the infected cells(1).

This causes a “good” inflammation reaction in your body.

Then dendritic cells with tentacle-like branches capture any free-floating germs. Latching onto them, preparing the germs for presentation(1).

The protein stuck to the infected cell’s MHC1 receptor is then automatically presented to naive B and T cells(1).

These naive B cells and T cells activate and store memory of this specific germ.

So the next time that same germ enters your body…

Your immune system’s factory immediately starts manufacturing specific antibodies and cells for that germ.

This is how you develop a degree of “immunity” to this specific germ.

And it’s why you recover faster from certain infections as you get older…even if your immune system is weaker.

Now that’s what you can expect to happen when your immune system is in balance.


What Happens When A “Boosted” Immune System Sees A New Germ?

So what happens when the scales are tipped to the otherside?

Meaning, your immune system is functioning above normal capacity.

You might be thinking…

It doesn’t hurt to have an immune system that’s too strong.

So let’s revisit the small kitchen fire you were able to control using a fire extinguisher.

Imagine instead…

3 firefighters barged through your door equipped with fire hoses. Then they each unleash powerful streams of water on the small kitchen fire.

Overkill right?

So in the case of our immune system…it means we’re less likely to get sick and recover faster right?

Not necessarily.

When your immune system is boosted…

More and more first-responder cells show up to the scene…way more than needed.

And this can cause your immune system to become overactive

This overactivity can turn into a dangerous storm of continuous inflammation and healing.

And this is the reason why young, healthy individuals were dying so frequently from the Spanish Flu.

As more and more immunity cells show up to control the infection…

This brews something dangerous in our body…a violent storm of cell destruction.

This overreaction of the immune system is known as a “cytokine storm”.

And in the eye of a cytokine storm, infected cells aren’t the only ones getting destroyed…

Perfectly healthy functioning cells are also caught in the wake of destruction!

And if we can’t quell this storm, our body starts destroying itself extremely quickly.

Take a look at this segment from an article written by BBC called:

Why the flu of 1918 was so deadly(2)

A hyperactive immunity response leads to inflammation and excessive fluid build-up in the lungs.

This makes you prone to more dangerous infections like pneumonia or worse…

Here’s another segment on the Spanish Flu covered by the History Channel(3).

It took decades for scientists to identify why the 1918 pandemic was so deadly…

In fact, the concept of a cytokine storm wasn’t officially “scientifically accepted” until 1993(4).

In that paper, it documented how patients’ immune systems attacked newly transplanted organs(4).

That’s why organ transplant patients have to be on a certain type of medicine called “immunosuppressants” for their entire life.

We’ve heard our fair share of news talking about “boosting” our immune system…

But organ transplant patients need to suppress their immune system.


Because transplant patients’ immune systems recognize their new organ as a foreign germ.

So by suppressing their immune system, it saves the organ from damage…

And ultimately saves the patient’s life.

Because when suppressed, their immune system is in perfect harmonious balance.

But in all this chaos, there were remedies that did work to a certain degree.

Remedies In 1918 That Protected People From Their Own Immune System


“Headache? Muscle Pain? Fever? Take two aspirin and call me in the morning.

This was a typical response you’d expect from the doctor back then. And for good reason…

Since the invention of aspirin in the 1890’s, it became the go-to “miracle” solution for doctors.

So when the Spanish Flu came along, it’s not a surprise that aspirin was used in abnormally large amounts.

And for some patients it worked!

Although health experts at the time really had no idea why…

We now have the answer thanks to innovation and research.

In a paper released by the Journal of International Immunopharmacology, it documents astonishing research about aspirin(5).

On page 16 of the paper, researchers found that aspirin enhances T cell responses(5).

This is important because T cells play many roles in the immune system.

Some are responsible for the “memory” of the immune system…

And some T cells also attack foreign germs at sites of infection.

T Cell Attacking Foreign Cell

So this means aspirin has an “immunity boosting” property to it.

But researchers also revealed something surprising about aspirin…

Here’s the exact quote:

“Aspirin can suppress the neutrophil-mediated innate immune responses by decreasing their extravasation, a distinctive step in the innate immunity.”(5)

In other words, aspirin prevents the “back-up signals” that call for more cellular reinforcements.

The study shows aspirin has an immunity “boosting” and “suppressing” effect…

Giving it an overall immunity balancing effect.

No wonder aspirin has been the go-to medicine for so long.

But there’s one main reason why aspirin didn’t work for everyone…and potentially became dangerous…

You can overdose on aspirin.

That’s right. The out of balance use of aspirin was covered in a revealing article released in the New York Times(6).

Aspirin toxicity can cause even more fluid buildup in your lungs(6)…

Making the infection worse…and can eventually become fatal(6).

We’ll get into more “practical” immunity balancing solutions in a bit…

But we have another pit stop on our journey back to the future.

Let’s hop back into our trusty stylish time machine.

The Vitamin C Myth

This is a photo of the man who “sold” America on Vitamin C.

Dr. Linus Pauling, a winner of 2 Nobel Prizes, is responsible for starting the “Vitamin C craze” in America.

During one of his talks…

Dr. Pauling spoke about living an extra 25 years with new scientific discoveries.

An audience member named Irwin Stone raised his hand and seized Dr. Pauling’s attention.

Turns out, the suggestion Irwin gave Dr. Pauling that night, changed his life forever.

So what did Irwin Stone say to Dr. Pauling that fateful night?

Stone told Dr. Pauling to take 3,000mg of Vitamin C every day to live longer.

Skeptical but also curious, Dr. Pauling followed Stone’s advice for a year…then he reported astonishing results.

According to Dr. Pauling, he’s never felt healthier in his life. And normally he would get sick several times a year…

But ever since he started taking 3,000mg Vitamin C every day…

He hasn’t gotten sick once.

Now was this the start to a breakthrough in the health industry?

Or was this…

The Start To One Of The Greatest Health Marketing Campaigns of All Time?

The answer will be revealed shortly.

In 1970, Dr. Pauling released his best-selling book Vitamin C and the Common Cold

In this book, Dr. Pauling encouraged Americans to take 3,000mg of Vitamin C every day.

At the same time of the book’s release…

Researchers from the Journal of American Medical Association wrote scathing reviews of the book…

Bashing Dr. Pauling’s work, saying it was spreading false medical information.

These medical journals were afraid of this misinformation spreading like wildfire among the American people.

Let’s see what happened…

In an article released by the Oregon newspaper in 1971, it reported on the “Vitamin C craze”.

In the article it stated that Vitamin C sales are up 10 times higher than the previous year…

Coincidentally, sales started skyrocketing after the release of Dr. Pauling’s controversial book.

Modern Day Research On Vitamin C

Cochrane released a review summarizing the results of 30 different studies involving Vitamin C and colds(7).

What did they find?

At best, Vitamin C could reduce the length of a cold by 8%. This means instead of being sick for 5 days…you could be sick for 4 and a half days(7).

Also, in a study that observed the effects of Vitamin C in patients who developed pneumonia(8)…

There was no significant difference in recovery time(8). This is concerning, given that pneumonia can be caused by viruses…

…and an overactive immune system.

But that’s not all…

The Mayo Clinic shows that no one should take more than 2,000mg of Vitamin C a day(9). That’s the equivalent to 2 packs of Emergen-C.

Doses that high can put you at risk for nausea, cramps and diarrhea(9).

But let’s continue our journey through history shall we?

We’ve got one more pit stop before we return to the present.

So even with all of this groundbreaking research on cytokine storms and immunity balancing…

The Health Industry Makes The Same Exact Mistakes Years Later

The year is now 2009.

A close relative of the infamous Spanish Flu is slowly making its way into history books…

Reports from California and Texas reveal yet another H1N1 virus circulating.

Scientists discover this virus contains genes from pigs.

This laid the foundation for a new moniker…and today this virus is known as the “Swine Flu”.

In April of 2009, over 900 people were infected with swine flu in Mexico.

In response, the US government issues travel bans to Mexico, hoping to slow down the spread.

Then in the month of June, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially recognizes the swine flu as a pandemic.

And just like the pandemic in 1918…

Healthy young individuals are experiencing more severe effects than older individuals.

Hospitalizations, severe lung tissue damage and fluid build-up in the lungs…

Sound familiar?

And years after the swine flu pandemic…

The CDC suggests why one strain of a virus is deadlier than the other…

A virus strain’s ability to stir a cytokine storm.

In 2012, 3 years post-swine flu, the Washington Post released a revealing article(10)…

The article discussed the body’s tendency to overreact to new viruses(10).

How our immunity becomes “confused” whenever a new virus enters our body…

And how this confusion quickly transforms into a dangerous cytokine storm.

We’re going to discuss how a cytokine storm starts brewing in just a minute…

But listen to this…

In an article published by the American Journal of Pathology in 2013, researchers studied the lung tissue of 50 individuals who died from the swine flu(11).

What the researchers found, shocked them.

Inside the samples of H1N1 infected lung tissue, they found a high concentration of inflammatory cytokines(11).

These cytokines are linked to the severe damage found inside the tissue.

This led the researchers to conclude that a cytokine storm had formed and passed(11).

So How Does A Cytokine Storm Start Brewing?

When your immunity cells attack germs, they release cytokines(12).

The cytokines cause an increase in blood flow to the site of infection(12).

This increase of blood flow causes white blood cells to the scene. And soon after, the infection is under control(12).

And with all these cells gathered in one place…

It causes swelling and fluid build-up in the tissue.

And to prevent any excessive swelling, fluid build-up, and damage of healthy tissues…

Cells start releasing anti-inflammatory cytokines.

These anti-inflammatory cytokines are made for one goal and one goal only…

To create a balanced state with the immune system.

Into The Eye Of The Storm

But what happens when your immune system is “boosted”…

What if there’s more pro-inflammatory cytokines than anti-inflammatory cytokines?

Here’s what happens…

The pro-inflammatory cytokines will continue releasing into your bloodstream(12)…

Making it easier and easier for pro-inflammatory cells to travel…

The inflammation will eventually spill over the original site of infection(12)…

Causing more and more inflammation…spreading to neighboring healthy tissues(12).

Your body then responds with something called fibrosis(13).

Fibrosis is the hardening and scarring of tissue due to excess cells and fluid(13).

Basically, it’s your body’s attempt to heal all the damage caused by overpowering inflammation.

This becomes a vicious cycle.

As the inflammation continues to spread, fibrosis continues to trigger…

And since your body is too busy trying to escape from this vicious cycle…

Your vital organs won’t have enough resources to function properly…

And eventually this leads to organ dysfunction.

But let’s stay in 2009 for a bit longer…

What Immunity Balancing Solutions Worked For the Swine Flu?

In an article released by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania(14)…

They tracked the most popular natural supplements searched by individuals during the 2009 pandemic(14).

Here’s a couple solutions individuals were looking for:

Tinospora (14)

In an article released by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania(14)…

They tracked the most popular natural supplements searched by individuals during the 2009 pandemic(14).

Here’s a couple solutions individuals were looking for:

This tiny green-leafed plant is found in the tropical regions of India. It’s been used for centuries in traditional medicine.

But recently, research shows this plant has immunity balancing qualities.

In a study done by the Journal of Immunology Research, scientists studied the effects of tinospora on Salmonella infected mice(15).

By extracting cells from these infected mice…

Researchers were able to observe the immune system activity with tinospora.

The result?

Mice injected with tinospora showed higher levels of macrophage activity(15).

Tinospora also replenished antioxidants used by the immune system during an infection(15).

Elderberry is one of the most popular immunity boosting supplements out there.

And with the raging pandemic in 2009, it gained extreme popularity. Why?

Elderberry showed some signs of reducing “sick-time” in people who were infected.

Some studies showed overwhelming proof and others showed no results.

But in a bit, you’ll see why researchers no longer recommend elderberry in the most recent pandemic…

And why they say elderberry’s immunity boosting effect is potentially dangerous


Immunity “Boosting” Is Flawed

On November 19, Jason Martin returned to the Medical Intensive Care Unit at Vanderbilt University Medical Center(16).

As soon as he enters the building, the 30-year-old, father of three young children – breaks down in tears.

Jason recognizes some of the nurses he met during his near-death experience with the swine flu. He sprints over to them and greets them with a warm, joy-filled hug.

Jason was part of a large proportion of young adults who developed an overactive immune system with swine flu(16).

According to Vanderbilt Medical Center, Jason was one of 40 lucky individuals (aged 25-45) who survived(16).

In a paper released by Vanderbilt, it documents Jason Martin’s miraculous survival story(16).

And it provides evidence to why Jason’s infection quickly turned into a near-death experience.

When researchers studied lung tissue of young adults who passed away from swine flu, they found high levels of C4d(16).

C4d is part of the cascading inflammation response by the immune system in response to infection(16).

And high levels of C4d indicate an overactive immune response(16).

That’s why researchers in this study recommend immunity balance over boosting.

With that, we’re done with this year.

Next Stop in 2012.

Now I can tell you all about the immunity balancing antioxidant in my daily routine.

An “Accidental” Discovery From Nobel Prize Winning Research

In 2012, I got a call from some of the world’s leading researchers in cell biology.

These researchers from the University of Paris asked me to participate in a clinical study. And to be honest…

I thought this study would be a complete failure.

But little did I know…

This small study would go on to shock the scientific community…

Introduce a powerful new immunity balancing antioxidant into the health industry…

And change the lives of thousands of people around the world.

You see, at the time of the study, I was a carbon nanomaterial scientist.

My company at the time was the largest manufacturer of a Nobel Prize winning nanomolecule.

But these researchers wanted to test the nanomolecule for toxicity. So they created a study with rats.

I thought the outcome was pretty obvious.

There’s no way this nanomolecule was safe for ANYONE…including rats.

My main clients were large scale industrial companies…not regular everyday people.

So in the study they divided the rats into 3 groups(33).

One group was given a daily dose of water.

Another group received a daily dose of olive oil.

And the last group was given daily doses of olive oil plus the nanomolecule.

The researchers watched over these rats closely. Every day they looked for any signs of poisoning.

But even after a year, there were still no signs of any poisoning from the nanomolecule(33).

And once the first few rats started dying…

The researchers discovered something astonishing.

The rats who were given olive oil plus the nanomolecule…

Lived TWICE as long as the rats who were only given water(33).

And the rats who received the nanomolecule…

Lived more than a year longer than the rats given only olive oil!(33)

Still to this day…

No other study comes close to achieving the results of this study.

Now you probably know there’s a laundry list of benefits that come with olive oil…

So the fact that those rats lived longer wasn’t really surprising…

But since the rats given the nanomolecule ended living even longer…

That shocked researchers all over the world.

And this study became famously known as the Baati Rat Study(15).

Shortly after that, this study became viral.

All of a sudden…

Regular everyday people wanted to take this nanomolecule as a supplement.


Because the study showed this nanomolecule is a powerful antioxidant…

But now with all the latest scientific research…

We Know It’s An Amazing Immunity Balancer

How does it work?

In studies, this nanomolecule showed evidence of strengthening the “first-responders” of your immune system.

When a germ enters your body…

Specific cells are called upon to arrest and destroy the spread of infection.

This nanomolecule causes a higher amount of first-responder immunity cells to show up.

But as we know now, that’s not always a good thing…

So on the flipside…

This nanomolecule also suppresses certain pro-inflammatory cytokines.

So you won’t experience hyperactivity, excess inflammation and damage.

But let’s get back to the story…

Since my company supplied the nanomolecule in the Baati Rat study…

My phone lines started ringing off the hook.

A group of self-taught natural health experts asked to buy the nanomolecule.

And you know what I told everyone that called me for 6 months?


Look, I’m a scientist. I live and die by hard factual data.

At the time, there was no data on this nanomolecule being safe for human consumption.

So there was no way I was going to let people take this nanomolecule like a supplement.

But when these health experts asked to use nanomolecule for research purposes…

I caved.

I expected them to try and re-create the Baati Rat Study.

So I wanted to do my part in contributing to the scientific community.

But little did I know…

These health experts weren’t experimenting on rats…

They were experimenting on themselves.

All Of A Sudden Positive Testimonies Started Pouring In...

People started saying they’re experiencing better sleep…

People started saying their joint pains were disappearing…

And people started saying they have more energy than ever before!

But that was just the beginning…

We need to stop in 2017 before going back to 2020.

Something extremely important happened here and made waves inside the health industry.

Last Stop Before 2020.

In 2017, a large YouTube Influencer made a video about his experience with this nanomolecule.

He touted all the health benefits he’s been experiencing ever since he started using the nanomolecule.

And literally overnight…

Everyone sold out…except for us. Because we weren’t really selling it to the public.

So once again…

My phone lines started ringing all day every day…

People were begging me to sell them this nanomolecule because they couldn’t find it anywhere else…

But there were also people who experienced some bad side effects…and wanted to see if my product was any better.

I had no choice.

People were going to continue taking this nanomolecule regardless…

So I needed to make a version of this nanomolecule that’s completely safe for human consumption.

To make this happen…

I contacted the assistant researchers who worked on the original Nobel Prize winning study for this nanomolecule.

Within a few months…

We were able to create a successful prototype for a filtering process. This process eliminates the toxic material from this nanomolecule.

And when it’s done…

All that’s left is a powerful immunity balancing antioxidant.

Now today, that antioxidant is called ESS60.

Now We Can Go Back To 2020.

Did ESS60 potentially save my life?

See for yourself…

My “Close-Call” With The One And Only...

I said earlier that I’ve been pretty unlucky my entire life with my health.

I’d get sick multiple times of year and I’d also experience migraines several times a year.


Despite the unfortunate circumstances with my health when I was younger…

My luck started to change as I got older.

Now I have full confidence in my immune system. I’m 51 and I’ve never felt healthier

How could this be?

My immune system is now in a healthy balance.

And to prove to you why you need to focus on balancing your immune system…

I want to tell you about a recent incident that really tested my luck.

On June 12th, I faced my biggest health foe to date.

A couple days before, I went out on a date night with my wife.

Such a relief after being stuck in quarantine for several months.

We practiced social distancing and wore our masks diligently…

But on June 12th, I felt off.

And usually I would chalk it up to one of those days, but this time…

…something didn’t feel right.

Immediately, I thought of the worst case scenario.

I couldn’t help it.

It was being blasted all over my TV…

And my social media feeds were flooded about this virus.

I stayed optimistic for my own sanity. Until the next morning…

The difference between the two days is astronomical.

I went from being full of energy and feeling normal…

To feeling like I’m dragging cement blocks with every step I take.

My mind is foggy and I feel the need to drown myself in caffeine.

And I haven’t felt that way in a long time. Not ever since I started taking ESS60.

But the energy is draining from my body faster than a deflating tire.

I took 2 naps to get through the day! And I’m not even a nap person.

In fact, I haven’t taken a nap in years since I’ve been on ESS60.

But still…

I have no fever. I’m not coughing.

Turns out, I just jinxed myself.

Later that night, I could feel my temperature rising. I live in Texas, but…

Forming beads of sweat on my forehead in a completely air-conditioned home…is not normal.

I grab the thermometer from my medicine cabinet and take my temperature.

101 Degrees. I Definitely Have A Fever

Immediately I tell my wife that I’m sleeping on the couch. And to keep the kids away.

And after a night of tossing and turning…

Waking up to a drenched sheet of sweat…

My body feels like I went through a high-intensity cardio workout I never signed up for.

But one thing did cross my mind.

I need to start taking double servings of ESS60.

And no, I wasn’t afraid of any side effects. I’ll explain later.

Still, I feel like I can save myself a trip to the doctor.

Tests are limited right now. Plus my doctor will probably say I’m positive and tell me to quarantine myself.

I have no trouble breathing, so that’s a relief.

My biggest fear is taking a trip to the emergency room and getting placed on a ventilator.

So I self-quarantined and rested.

I have faith in my immunity now. I know I can fight this off.

Now to keep the story short, so you don’t have to hear about my day-to-day analysis (yes, I did document all my days)…

The next week, I slept 12-15 hours a night. But I still had fever and body aches.

On June 21st, my fever finally broke.

And on June 26th, I finally got tested.

The result?


Just as I suspected.

But each day after that, I could feel the strength returning to my body.

It’s like someone robbed me of my life-force temporarily…and gave it back.

And by July 4th weekend, I was completely fine.

I was able to celebrate Independence Day with my wife and kids.

Am I just lucky? Or is it because my immune system is in a healthy balance?

The Storm Returns

As of right now, there’s no “official” treatment for the 2020 virus.

So health researchers are experimenting right now to figure out what works.

But even with this new virus…

A familiar problem is resurfacing.

In July 2020, researchers at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center conducted an observational study on 27 patients infected with the 2020 virus(17).

But these patients had bigger issues on the horizon…

They were showing signs of an overactive immune system…

And symptoms of a cytokine storm were getting stronger.

So with little time, these researchers gave these patients an immunosuppressant called tocilizumab(17).

Tocilizumab serves one purpose only…

To balance an overactive immune system before it destroys healthy tissues and cells.

So what was the result?

23 of the 27 patients experienced a drop in cytokines involved in a cytokine storm(17).

The patients showed signs of lowered inflammation…and were now on track for a speedy recovery.

That’s why Dr. Cassel, a leading researcher from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center has this to say…

Dr. Cassel says having a “strong” immune system is a misconception. And not what’s best for your body(18).

“You actually don’t want your immune system to be stronger, you want it to be balanced,” Dr. Cassel says(18).

“Too much of an immune response is just as bad as too little response.(18)

Dr. Cassel even says most of the things people take to boost their immune system…

…don’t have any effect on your immune response(18).

In another paper recently published to the medical journal Cell

Researchers from Harvard Medical School studied the formation of cytokine storms in patients infected with 2020 virus(19).

What they found is shocking.

During a cytokine storm, our immunity is hyper-focused on the vicious cycle of inflammation and healing.

Because of this, we’re unable to create memories in B and T cells(19).

And you know how important the memory system inside the immune system is.

With memories created, the immune system knows how to deal with the virus in the future.

Without it, the immune system will send everything it’s got (the fire hose vs. the extinguisher)…

Putting you at risk of making your immune system go haywire.

In another study released by the Journal of Clinical Investigation(20)…

Researchers are studying the effects of pharmaceuticals called alpha blockers.


To prevent a hyperactive immune response in patients with the 2020 virus.

In a group of patients aged 45-85, alpha blockers have shown signs of improving inflammation during a cytokine storm(20).

More and more studies are being conducted right now on this topic…

And their research goals aren’t to stop infection…

But to prevent severe symptoms caused by someone’s own immune system.

Because when your immune system is balanced…

You can mount a formidable defense against any foreign invader.

Take a look at this article written by the Washington Post(21).

Not only does the article say high doses of vitamin C, D or zinc won’t help(21)…

It briefly mentions the concept of immunity boosting.

An immune system that functions “normally” to prevent infections isn’t “boosted”.

This is why researchers are now calling for balance.

Even claims of immunity boosting via probiotics are now in question.

Nastasha Haskey, best-selling author of Gut Microbiota: Interactive Effects on Nutrition and Health, has this to say about probiotics…

Haskey says:


“The immune system is in place to fight infection. If you take a probiotic that acts on the wrong type of cell and suppresses the immune system, it can do more harm than good.”


So how can we keep our immune system in perfect balance?

Balance Is The Key To Everything

You can start by limiting the use of immunity “boosting” supplements.

Remember how elderberry became popular during the Swine Flu pandemic?

Here’s what research released by the University of Arizona Integrative Medicine Center says about elderberry(22)

The researchers say that elderberry may reduce the duration of symptoms(22)

But elderberry also increases the release of cytokines. The same cytokines involved in a cytokine storm(22).

So their recommendation stands firm.

Stop elderberry at first signs of infection(22).

In another research paper released by Iowa State University(23)

They discovered echinacea, another popular immunity boosting solution…

…also played a role in increased release of cytokines(23)

But luckily, there are natural ways we balance our immune system.

Most researchers have the same list of suggestions…

And you probably won’t be surprised with what these experts recommend.

So in order to keep a normal, balanced functioning immune system…

    • Aim to be physically active for at least 150 minutes per week
    • Quit smoking
    • Manage and reduce stress 
    • Try to get about seven or eight hours of sleep per night.
    • Get 15 minutes of sunlight

And if you’re anything like me…

Keeping up with all those things is difficult, especially if you have a family. (Except for the smoking part, I’m not a smoker)

Now, it definitely is possible…

But I’d have to keep a pretty strict and disciplined lifestyle…and that’s just not for me.


There is an easier solution for folks like you and me.

And I’m thrilled to be a part of the new wave of immunity balancing solutions.

ESS60: The Immunity Balancer Your Doctor Has Never Heard Of

Since I’ve officially released ESS60 in 2018…

I’ve received ZERO reports of negative side effects from happy customers.

And thousands of testimonials like:

After taking MyVitalC for 3 months, I have definitely slept better, I’ve been more focused AND I have a lot more energy! I even gave it to my cat and I think she has a lot more energy too!

I find I’m sleeping a lot deeper. Which means I’m waking up refreshed, I’m having more energy, I’m more focused.

I find I’m sleeping a lot deeper. Which means I’m waking up refreshed, I’m having more energy, I’m more focused.

Now I’m going to read off the most common experiences of ESS60 users.

You’re going to want to hear this because…

You’ll see a short glimpse of the future…what you should expect when you have a powerful immunity balancer in your life.

Here’s what people tell me everyday: 

ESS60 saves them trips to the doctor’s office…

How relieved they are…because they FEEL ESS60 working. Because they never really felt the effects of most other supplements.

How they fall asleep as soon as their head hits the pillow…

And how refreshed they feel the next morning. This wasn’t the case before taking ESS60.

I’ve had people tell me in detail…about the new surge of energy they feel each day…

To the point where they no longer need caffeine…and now drink coffee for enjoyment, not necessity.

And most importantly…

They feel more at ease because their immunity is functioning at its best…

…especially during these times.

Plus many people love ESS60 for its convenience. 

They say it’s much better than taking 10+ capsules a day…

Or trying to force down hard-to-swallow horse-pill capsules…

Or dealing with the horrible aftertaste and pungent smells of some solutions.

And recently, my team and I sat down with our research director and chemists…

Our goal was to create the ultimate immunity balancing solution.

A solution with ESS60 that reinforces your immune system’s defenses…

…and calms the immune system down after.

This means you won’t have to worry about any germs…

And you won’t have to worry about your own body possibly attacking itself.

It’s Called...MyVitalC Immunity Blend

MyVitalC Immunity Blend makes immunity balancers available to everyone.

And when you add this powerful immunity balancer into your routine…

You’ll start to feel healthier…like you’ve taken a sip out of the proverbial fountain of youth.

This testimonial shows how quickly you can feel the effects of ESS60 (lady who only drank half a cup of coffee on her first day)

The surge of revitalized energy coursing through your body…feels like your immune system received a “boost”.

But in reality, your immune system is now balanced. 

And now your immunity is working in perfect harmony for you…instead of against you.

So why does our immunity blend work so well?

Because we use 3 scientifically proven ingredients that balance your immune system.

ESS60, MCT Oil and olive oil. That’s it.

MyVitalC Immunity Blend Ingredient #1: ESS60

ESS60 is the toxin-free immunity balancer I credit for restoring my health.

In a study conducted by the International Journal of Nanomedicine, researchers studied the effects of ESS60 derivatives on tissues in rats(24).

These rats were divided into 2 groups. One group received an injection of saline, while the other group was injected with the ESS60 derivative(24).

The results of this study shocked the researchers.

The groups of rats who received the ESS60 injection showed lower levels of cytokines(24)

The same cytokines involved in the formation of the dangerous cytokine storm!

So this means ESS60 is able to prevent a cytokine storm from forming…

…before it turns into a category 5 threat. 

And on the other hand…

In yet another study released by the International Journal of Nanomedicine, researchers examined the effects of ESS60 derivatives on human cells(25).

Researchers discovered ESS60 derivatives are able to stimulate natural killer (NK) cell activity(25).

Natural killer cells are responsible for destroying any infected cells at a site of infection.

But unfortunately, the number and function of NK cells decline as we age…

But this study shows ESS60 can kickstart these germ-fighting cells into action!

Now with the help of ESS60, you can mount a strong defense against any invading germ.

Both of these studies prove that ESS60 is a powerful immunity balancer alone.

ESS60’s Powerful Antioxidant Properties

In a study released by the journal Computational and Theoretical Chemistry, researchers studied the antioxidant activity of ESS60 derivatives(26).

The result?

Data shows ESS60 derivatives are powerful free radical scavengers(26)

And here’s why this is important for your health, especially your immunity.

Free radicals are like tiny little molecules that float around in our body. 

They’re mostly created as byproducts from our cells, kind of like cars emitting exhaust.

But environmental triggers can also cause a mass production of free radicals.

Things like increases in stress, exposure to too much sunlight, smoking and viral infections.

And usually our body can get rid of the free radicals on its own…

But as you know, when we age, our body starts to slow down.

So when these free radicals aren’t flushed out of our body…

They dash around like out-of-control cars and crash into important cells…

Damaging the cells so they can no longer function properly

This means a lack of antioxidant protection puts you at higher risk for infection.

But that’s where ESS60 comes into play…

ESS60 hunts down the rogue free radicals that are roaming freely…

And destroys them before they wreak havoc on your body.

Scientific Research Shows ESS60 Has An Antioxidation Power That’s 172X More Powerful Than Vitamin C!

Although Vitamin C may not be the best antioxidant for your immune system…

It’s still an antioxidant. And the reason Vitamin C could help some people and not others…

…comes down to its ORAC score. 

Just like how no two fingerprints are the same, all antioxidants are not equal.

That’s why scientists invented the ORAC score. The higher the score, the stronger an antioxidant. 

And when compared head-to-head with Vitamin C…

ESS60 showed a score that’s 172X greater than Vitamin C. 

Imagine having an antioxidant this powerful – protecting your body every day…

No wonder our customers are never afraid of any colds that are going around anymore.

And there’s one last benefit I want to touch on…

ESS60 Shows Promising Results In Stopping Contagious Viruses Like H1N1.

The journal PLoS One released a study in 2013 detailing the antiviral effects of ESS60 derivatives(27).

The researchers placed ESS60 derivatives inside a petri dish containing contagious strains of H1N1(27). (the same virus family that caused the Spanish Flu and Swine Flu)

What they discovered is extremely promising.

ESS60 derivatives are able to prevent the infectious activity of H1N1 viruses(27)


The results show ESS60 stops a key enzyme in viruses. An enzyme called RNA polymerase. 

RNA polymerase allows viruses to hijack healthy cells and replicate. This enzyme is how viruses spread an infection quickly.

But by shutting down RNA polymerase, ESS60 prevents any serious threats of infection.

No wonder some researchers call ESS60 a “superfood” for your immune system.

But when ESS60 is combined with the two other ingredients of the Immunity Blend…

It’s a health-upgrading cocktail in every tiny teaspoon.

MyVitalC Immunity Blend Ingredient #2: MCT Oil

You probably know a few of the health-boosting benefits of MCT oil.

You may have heard about how MCT oil supports weight loss…

Or how health experts call it a “superfood” for your brain…because MCT oil promotes focus and mental acuity.

Or maybe even how MCT decreases risk factors for heart disease.

But let’s focus on the immunity balancing properties of MCT oil.

MCT Oil Suppresses Macrophages And “Storm-Causing” Cytokines

In a study released by the journal Foods, researchers studied the effects of MCT on macrophages(28).

Macrophages are also part of the first-responder units of the immunity. They “swallow” germs and prevent infection from spreading.

But they also flood the blood with cytokines…

This calls for more reinforcement cells to arrive at the site of infection. 

And we know when this process is’s dangerous.

But in this study, researchers placed MCT oil in a cell-culture of active macrophages(28).

The result?

MCT oil prevents macrophages from over-releasing “storm-causing” cytokines(28)!

This prevents hyperactivity and brings your immune system back to a healthy balance.

Not only that…

MCT Oil Contains Antimicrobial And Antiviral Properties!

In a study released by Biomedical Research International, researchers studied the antimicrobial effects of MCT oil(29).

They wanted to test MCT oil’s bacteria-fighting capabilities on infectious bacteria, E.coli and S. Aureus(29)

First, the researchers extracted pure MCT oil from fermented coconut flakes. After they were able to get enough oil(29)

They placed 2g of MCT oil in petri dishes with E. Coli and S. Aureus(29)

The result?

MCT oil stops the growth of E.Coli and S. Aureus by 80% and 90% respectively(29)!

This proves MCT oil’s antibacterial ability is nothing to sneeze at.

And earlier this year…

In a formal statement released by Ateneo de Manila University, researchers recommended MCT oil as a potential agent against coronavirus(30)


Because MCT oil contains two compounds called lauric acid and monolaurin.

In a study released in 1979, researchers showed these 2 compounds can destroy a virus’s membrane(30).

Without a functioning viral membrane, infectious viruses can’t replicate.

And this means any potential threats of infection are effectively gone.

MyVitalC Immunity Blend Ingredient #3: Olive Oil

Just like MCT oil, olive oil comes with a laundry list of benefits.

      • Supporting a healthy heart
      • Reducing risk of diabetes
      • Reducing risk of strokes

And much, much more…

But to stay on topic…

Let’s discuss the relationship between olive oil and your immune system.

Olive Oil Greatly Reduced Levels Of “Storm-Causing” Cytokines In Clinical Trial

In a groundbreaking article released by Frontier Pharmacology, researchers studied the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet(31)

If you don’t know what the Mediterranean diet is…

It’s a diet inspired by the citizens of Greece and Italy…so it’s enriched in olive oil and legumes. 

The study followed the results of 36 patients who strictly ate the Mediterranean diet for 3 months(31).

After 3 months, the volunteers experienced a plethora of improved health benefits. 

But there’s one benefit you should know about…

After 3 months, patients showed significantly lowered levels of storm-causing cytokines(31)!


Turns out olive oil has an abundance of compounds called polyphenols. 

Polyphenols lower inflammation causing enzymes in the body.

So polyphenols are important in calming your immune system… 

…especially when your immunity starts to show hyperactivity. 

And that’s not all…

Studies Also Show Olive Oil Has Antibacterial and Antiviral Properties!

In an article released by Scientia Pharmaceutica, it shows olive oil is enriched in oleuropeins(32).

Turns out, oleuropeins have significant antiviral activity.

In this article, oleuropeins stopped the growth of respiratory and type-3 flu viruses(32)

And also…

Oleuropein can damage the membranes of infectious bacteria. 

Without a functioning membrane, it’s impossible for bacteria to replicate.

With all these amazing health benefits…

No wonder world-renowned health experts like Dr. Gundry say:

“The purpose of food is to get more olive oil into your body.”

Bonus: Liposomal Protection

This is an added bonus that makes our Immunity Blend special.

For all the individuals out there with sensitive stomachs…

Your body might not react kindly to oils. But you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

By having our solution made with liposomal protection…

It protects your stomach from any digestive or bowel issues. 


You may have heard of some medicines that are “delayed-release”.

Delayed-release medicines work through a slow gentle release of nutrients over a longer period of time.

This means you won’t experience any harsh side effects from a sudden bombardment of nutrients.

Plus your body will absorb the nutrients more efficiently and safely. 

Liposomal protection is the same concept as delayed-release medicine.

By slowly releasing the oils into your stomach…

You’ll absorb the nutrients…without spending extra time in the bathroom. 

And liposomes also protect the ingredients in the Immunity Blend.

Harsh digestive acids in your stomach also destroy precious immunity balancing nutrients.

But with liposomal protection…

You’ll absorb a higher amount of immunity balancing nutrients into your body.

The Balance Of Your Immune System Is Now Available

At this point, you might be wondering how to get your hands on a bottle of MyVitalC Immunity Blend…

Along with how much you need to take to achieve a perfect immunity balance.

And to be completely honest…

I wish I could make MyVitalC Immunity Blend readily available for everyone.

But realistically…

With the sheer cost of the ingredients alone…

Along with the manufacturing costs and rigorous testing we put each bottle through…

It’s still out of reach for some folks. 


One Bottle Of MyVitalC Immunity Blend Takes Over A Month To Produce

When I created the specific formula for MyVitalC Immunity Blend, I offered it to a few friends and family to try.

Immediately, it was a hit.

I started getting emails and phone calls from my “testers” telling me:

    • How their sleep has dramatically improved in such a short period of time…
    • How they stayed completely healthy when a new “bug” was sidelining everyone around them
    • How they were able to replace their intense “vitamin regimens”…which called for multiple capsules a day

Since then…

We’ve created a loyal community of customers who stay on subscription with us for months on end…sometimes even years…

So I have to prioritize new batches of MyVitalC Immunity Blend for subscribers.

And because of our rigorous filtering process…

We make sure each bottle of MyVitalC Immunity Blend is full of only pure, high quality ingredients.

And if you combine that with our manufacturing process…

Each batch of MyVitalC Immunity Blend takes over a month.

In a few moments, I’ll share how you can try MyVitalC Immunity Blend completely risk-free today…

But let’s first discuss…

How Much MyVitalC Immunity Blend You Need Each Day

It’s simple…

All it takes is one teaspoon of the Immunity Blend each day.

Because one drop of Immunity Blend alone has more ESS60 molecules than cells in your body.

Imagine flooding your body with powerful immunity balancing ingredients…

Giving your immunity the support it needs to balance itself.

So no matter how imbalanced you are…

Too little or too much response…

MyVitalC Immunity Blend will move your immune system towards the perfect medium…

A healthy, strong balance. 

You’ve seen all the studies on why “boosting” your immune system is flawed…

And sometimes even outright dangerous.

And you’ve seen the testimonies of leading health researchers and experts…

How each of them recommend balance – not boosting – for your immune system.

And I’ll admit, MyVitalC Immunity Blend isn’t the most powerful immunity balancer out there…

Certain pharmaceuticals that cost thousands of dollars per dose are. 


The results from MyVitalC Immunity Blend are undeniable.

You’ve seen what our customers have to say.

And these are some of things you can expect when you start to balance your immunity.

Testimonial 1
Testimonial 2

Walk Out In Public With Full Confidence In Your Immunity

Imagine if you could leave your house without any worries.


You’re the healthiest version of yourself.You know your immunity is in perfect balance.

And because you have such newfound confidence in your own immunity…

You can pay more attention to the safety and health of your kids or aging parents.

So because of the quality and cost of our ingredients…

I used to sell MyVitalC Immunity Blend for $199 a bottle.

That’s a lower price than what my board of directors wanted me to to sell it for!

My board of directors was adamant on a price of $249 per bottle of MyVitalC Immunity Blend. 

Why so expensive?

ESS60 is a Nobel Prize derived ingredient and takes a ton of time to create.

If you wanted to buy pure ESS60 powder…

It’ll cost you $249 a gram. Gold is only $50 a gram.

So ESS60 is 5X more expensive than gold. 

Still, that’s significantly cheaper than immunity balancing pharmaceuticals out in the market.


I’ve Invested Over $50,000 To Build More Efficient Manufacturing Equipment

You see, the original equipment I created with the graduate students in the Nobel Prize winning study wasn’t great.

It was a prototype. It worked, but could’ve been much better.

And the reason why MyVitalC Immunity Blend was so expensive is because…we lost a lot of ingredients during the entire process.

And instead of one month…it used to take us several months to make batches of our products!

But for the past year…

I’ve invested heavily in new equipment.

And the difference is night and day. It’s like the non-flying DeLorean that runs only on plutonium compared to the flying DeLorean that runs off any garbage.

And with this new equipment…

We can create new batches of MyVitalC Immunity Blend faster…

without losing any quality!

And because of the efficiency of my new machines…

I’ve been able to significantly cut the cost of each bottle of MyVitalC. 

And today I’m going to pass those savings to you.

So for a limited time while supplies last…

You won’t be paying $249 or $199 per bottle…

You can order MyVitalC Immunity Blend for $97 a bottle.

And That’s Not All…

You see, when I first released MyVitalC Immunity Blend…

I relied solely on referrals and word-of-mouth to sell each bottle. 

And because of our limited quantities…

A lot of customers bought in bulk to share with their friends and family.

But I didn’t have any discounts for buying in bulk back then…

So for the first time ever…

My team and I have created a discounted program for MyVitalC Immunity Blend.

So Right Now When You Stock Up On 6 Bottles of MyVitalC Immunity Blend...

    • You’ll save $138
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    • You get over 100 days of immunity protection
    • Plus you’ll get our Simple Tracking System to help guarantee your results!

Free Gift: Quality of Life Simple Tracking System ($30 Value)

I know what it’s like to start a new supplement, expecting great results…but after weeks on end, feeling no different than I did before. 

In fact, it was one of the most common complaints we used to get about MyVitalC. Until…

We developed this easy-to-use tracking system.

Just like how medications for blood sugar and blood pressure work, we know change doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time. 

So when you use our tracking system, you’ll focus on 4 things everyday:

  • Your sleep
  • Your energy
  • Your mental focus
  • Your overall wellbeing

These are the 4 main areas where MyVitalC will help you improve. But these are also areas where you won’t notice the small improvements each day…until one day you’re getting high quality sleep every night, waking up refreshed and energized each morning, and tackling your work like you’re on a mission. 

By using this tracker, you’ll be able to SEE your improvements each day. Because let’s be honest, when you’re not seeing results, it’s hard to stay motivated. This is why people quit their diet or exercise routines too early.

But this simple system has been an absolute miracle for thousands of our customers.

It’s responsible for holding our customers accountable and keeping them motivated.

At the end of 3 weeks, they get to truly see how much their life improved.

But that’s not the best part…

When you finish your tracker and you’re not getting the results you expected…

Send a picture of your tracker to our team and we’ll issue you a full refund! I’ll talk more about this later. 

So Here’s Everything You’re Getting With The 6 Bottle Best Value Deal Today...

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If You’ve Made It This Far, A Healthy Future Awaits You

How can I make such a bold claim?

Look, if you’ve made it this far in the report, it’s clear to me you care about your health.

You may have done your research and it may have not worked for you in the past…

But the fact that you take the time to do research – tells me you take your education seriously…

And you are a person who makes educated decisions, not ones based on impulse.

If you’ve fallen for outrageous promises in the past…well who hasn’t?

It means you’re willing to do whatever it takes to live a healthy lifestyle.

And because you may be more worried than the average person about getting sick…

It tells me you’ve taken full responsibility for your health. 

You’re not willing to sit still and deal with problems when they come…

You want to stop problems from ever happening.

That’s why you have a future of healthy days awaiting you.

And MyVitalC Immunity Blend was made for folks like you.

Plus Your Entire Order Comes With A 60 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee

I know how a lot of solutions out there have over-the-top claims…

And don’t even come close to delivering on their promises.

So that’s why I’m putting my money where my mouth is.

Today, you have the opportunity to try MyVitalC Immunity Blend for the next 30 days…

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Inside you’ll find a dosing cup, so you can easily measure out one teaspoon of MyVitalC Immunity Blend.

With one teaspoon, you’re good to go. 

Your body will be flooded with this powerful immunity balancing antioxidant.

I recommend taking it in the morning because of the increase in energy…

But it’s totally up to you.

And if by Day 30, you filled out your entire tracker and believe MyVitalC isn’t for you…

And you’re not seeing any of the reported benefits like:

Deeper and more restful sleep…

Increased exercise endurance…

Increase in natural energy…

Then just send a picture of your tracker in an email to our nationally recognized customer support team. Or call us at 1-888-441-1993.

We’ll issue you a full refund right away, no questions asked.

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Ultimately The Choice Is Yours...

You’ve seen all the research…

You’ve heard all the new expert opinions…

You’ve seen the mistakes of the world throughout our journey back to the future.

But you can still choose to ignore all evidence you’ve seen today.

You can continue to take solutions that only “boost” the immunity…

When you probably don’t even need any “boosting”.

But the fact is…

There are thousands of people like you who made the switch to immunity balancers.

And they’re not looking back.

They’re not making any more precautionary trips to the doctors…

…without giving their body a fighting chance first.

They’re not forcing themselves to swallow gigantic capsules…

Or take multiple capsules a day…

And they stay completely healthy during certain times of the year…

….not even noticing until after.

And they’re able to defeat new “bugs” going around…

…while the people around them are sidelined. 

So if you’re still on the fence…

I strongly urge you to follow the smarter path of immunity balancing…

There’s a reason why health experts are retracting their immunity boosting statements. 

Click the Order Now button below and claim your supply of MyVitalC Immunity Blend.

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So you really have nothing to lose today.

But the choice is yours.

With everything you’ve learned today…

I’m confident you’ll make the right choice for you and your family.

Thank you for spending your time with me today and listening to my stories.

I hope you found it both educational and entertaining. 

And nonetheless, today you’ll walk away a more educated consumer of health products. 

My name is Chris Burres and I look forward to seeing your future health successes.

ESS60 has made a huge impact on my health and my life…

And the lives of thousands of people worldwide…

And now that you know about ESS60, I hope you can experience it for yourself too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I worry about balance instead of boosting my immune system?

Too little response is just as dangerous as too much response. 

By not having enough response, you’re at risk for infections. 

By having too much response, you’re at risk for destroying healthy cells.

That’s why researchers NOW say a healthy immune system is a balanced one. 

And instead of focusing on staying active, getting enough sleep, lowering stress…etc. The “all-natural” way to balance your immunity…

You can add a power immunity balancing antioxidant like ESS60 to support your immunity.

How can immunity boosters become dangerous?

They can cause your immunity to go out of whack. When your immune system is boosted, you can cause a vicious cycle of over-inflammation and fibrosis in the body. 

This is known as a cytokine storm.

How do immunity balancers support my immune system and health?

Just as the name suggests, immunity balancers bring your immune system back to a perfect balance.

ESS60 balances your immune system by stimulating the response to foreign germs, while preventing an aftermath of hyperactivity.

And when combined with healthy oils like MCT oil and olive oil…

Each teaspoon is a health-boosting elixir.

How much Immunity Blend do I need to take?

It’s up to you, but we recommend 1 teaspoon to start. And gradually move up to as much as 3 teaspoons. Find the serving size that works best for you.

But it’s much better than trying to take 10+ capsules and gigantic pills.

Are there any side effects I need to worry about?

The only side effects I’ve ever witnessed of MyVitalC is potential stomach issues due to the oils. But that’s why in this new formula of Immunity Blend, we’ve created liposomal protection.

The liposomal protection is made to prevent any stomach and digestive issues. And help your body absorb more of the immunity balancing ingredients.

How long will MyVitalC Immunity Blend be available to the public?

As long as this page is up, this deal will be available. 

But we tend to run out extremely fast due to how long it takes us to make new batches.  So this page may be taken down at any time. And I can’t guarantee that when you click the Order Now button below, there will be any supply left.

How does the guarantee work again?

If you’re not experiencing any of the most common benefits like:

  • Deeper, more restful sleep
  • Filled with more natural energy throughout the day
  • Increased exercise endurance and recovery

And much, more…

Then before 30 days, just shoot our customer support team an email or call us at 1-888-441-1993. We’ll issue you a full refund, no questions asked.

My friend says she feels more energized, experiences better sleep and feels healthier and she’s only been taking MyVitalC Immunity Blend for a week. Are results like these typical?

Everyone’s body is different. So you may see benefits sooner than others. 

We can’t guarantee you’ll see results this fast, but it’s not totally impossible. That’s why we offer a 30 day guarantee. So you can give our Immunity Blend time to work, and start feeling the benefits in your life.

Ok I’m ready to order MyVitalC Immunity Blend. What now?

It’s simple! Just click the Order Now button below and you’ll be taken to a secure SSL encrypted order form. 

Just pick which package works best for you. And as a friendly reminder, the most savings come from our best value offer.

Then tell us where to ship it! Within a few days, you can expect the delivery guy to drop off your supply of Immunity Blend at your doorstep.